Accessing your account | Navigating the LMS | Editing your Profile | Changing your Password

Accessing your account

Logging in

If you have an account

Enter your Username or Email address and Password and click Login. (You may need to enter additional information, such as a Client ID, if your organization requires it.) You may be prompted to change your password.

Note: If you forgot your password, you may be able to recover it (if this function is available).

If you do not have an account

Contact your administrator or create an account yourself (if this function is available).

Logging out

Be sure to click Logout when you are done working with the LMS. Logging out protects your privacy and ensures that information about your training activities is recorded accurately.

After a specific period of inactivity, you will automatically be logged out. This will not be obvious until you click on something in the interface, at which point you will be prompted to login again:

Once you login again, your previously selected action will be completed. For example, if you click on a user when your session has timed out, when you log back in again the user profile will be open.

When you successfully log in to your LMS portal, you will land on the Home page. This is what your home page looks like:

Your main tabs are:

Tab Go there to...
Home View courses you manage, add participants, view invitations sent and view seats.
My Training View and launch courses you have been assigned, run a report on your own activity and download your certificates.
Users View and manage a list of users, edit user profiles, and send welcome messages.
Content View courses and course content. View participants enrolled in courses.
Reports View and export reports on courses to view participants' activity.

Editing Your Profile

Your profile provides contact and other information either entered by the person who set up your account or entered by you when you created your account.

To edit your profile information...

  • In the top right corner of the screen, click Your Name, you will see a new screen that lists your details.

  • Click Edit profile.

  • In the new screen you see, edit your information. An asterisk (*) beside a field means it is a required field. The information you can edit depends on your organization, but may include items such as:

  • First Name, Last Name.

  • Email: provide an email address you regularly use - this will be used by the system to communicate important information to you and may be used to help you recover a forgotten password (if enabled).

    Note: If your email address is also your username, you are not able to make changes to it. Please contact your LMS administrator to your email address.

  • Preferred Language: determines the language used for the LMS interface.

  • Click Save Changes.

Changing Your Password

When you login for the very first time, and possibly when you login later, you may be prompted to set or change your password. If this happens, and how often it happens, depends on the LMS configuration. The new password must conform to password rules.

At any time, you can change your password yourself:

  • In the top right corner of the screen, click Your Name. You see a new screen.

  • Click Change password.

  • Enter your current password and the new password you want to use from now on (enter the new password a second time to confirm it).

  • Click Change Password.

Password Rules

To protect your privacy, always use passwords that are memorable to you but not easily for others to guess. Your password should contain a combination of letters, digits, and symbols. Passwords are case-sensitive for example (e.g. "PAsswOrd" and "PASswOrd" are not considered the same).

The minimum length of your password is determined by your LMS administrator.

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